My hero The Incredible Hulk gets his own slot in the casinos

I have been a hardcore fan of The Incredible Hulk comic since my early childhood. The old or rather ultra-classic TV-show with Lou Ferrigno as our angry green monster man was a display of greatness as well and I have fond memories of to this day. The live action movies involving the Hulk to varying degrees which have come in the last ten years or so have sucked badly though. None of them had the charm, wit, warm humor and exciting action you got in each and every episode of the late seventies to early eighties show and none will, I can’t imagine such a thing ever happening. But then again you never know for sure about these things, weirder things do take place of course. The only way to make a really great movie featuring the Hulk would have to involve the indomitable Lou Ferrigno. He’s quite old no though and if doesn’t happen now it never will. So I guess that we’ll just have to accept the ideas that the real Hulk is gone forever from the live action scene. I just might have found a way to console myself here. Through gambling on the internet to be exact, My great discovery here is this gambling website with hulk slots. Yeah that right muchachos and muchachas, I’m talking about classic one-armed bandit slot machines only digital and readily available at all times on the internet. It’s not the same thing of course but at its something featuring green hero and that’ just have to do right now and for a little while longer I guess.

A nasty infestation

There just might be a nasty infestation of mould in my house right now and I’m basically about to panic over here. Because what do you in a situation like that man? Mould can be dangerous you know and even cancerogenic and I wouldn’t any cancer because cancer is not cool. Yeah, I know I should probably call Polygon or someone and have them do a thorough mould remediation here pretty asap before the situation gets any worse and mould spreads to all of my house and messes it royally. Because you I wouldn’t want a messed up house, that ain’t sweet. I do suspect that a full on remediation to get rid of all the mould once and for all might be rather expensive and I’m not quite sure if you go enough money to pay for such a thing. But well, perhaps I can borrow from someone.

More precise procedures

I should probably get myself better procedures to check backlinks here. Maybe I should even go so far as to get me some kind of automatic backlink checker. On reflection, it is more or less certain that I bode do it then it would take too much time to manually go through the large volume of backlinks I add webpages in my network. It is not sustainable to ignore this anymore, that’s quite obvious. Or thus, it was not obvious to me directly, but one of my best friends who happens to be an expert in this field was kind enough to inform me of what must be done and it should be done very quickly. Because if I ignore it, it may very well be that my business will bleed money in a horror full speed shortly and I want to obviously avoid at all costs.

I just met a friend that I have not seen in ages

I just met a friend that I have not seen in ages and he seems to be doing fine and apparently he owns a Internet Vikings international AB company and that is great. I love to meet people that I have not seen in a while because I am curious to see what they are up to these days. I have a lot of friends that I have not seen in a while and I am pretty bad at keeping in touch with people and I need to be better at that in the future. I am happy that my friend is doing well and I wish him luck in the future. I met my friend at the mall and it was a total surprise. I often meet people that I know on random places and that is a lot of fun and I hope to meet other people that I now too in the future and I am sure that I will.

It would be great to make some money online

It would be great to make some money online and I bought a domain yesterday and now I will park my domain until I am done with the website and when I have some time over I will create the website. I would really like to have a passive income from my websites so that I do not need to work anymore and that would be great because I do not like to work for a living and I do not like to go to work in the morning but you have to go to work because if you do not go to work you do not get any money and if you do not have any money you cannot buy anything and you will be homeless and that is something that I do not like because it Is not worth it, I rather go to work and have a roof over my head.